This Could Be You...

Well, maybe not literally, because that leads to a massive 52 pickup situation...but don't you want to have so much extra cash that you didn't know you'd have?

Yeah, me too! And these are the strategies and actionable steps to get you that money, honey!

Here's Why You Need This Course!

You'll definitely need this course if you're currently changing jobs. But...did you know that these strategies are perfect for:

  • If you're looking for your next role at your current company
  • If you're negotiating an annual raise or salary re-alignment (or maybe need to bring it up...)
  • If you've grown so much in your role that your salary doesn't match anymore
  • If you're working with clients in your own business and are negotiating a service or product cost you provide

And When You're Done...

You'll be able to walk in to any negotiation with confidence. You'll have some other things in your back pocket when the conversation about money reaches an impasse. You'll leave knowing you didn't leave any money on the table. You'll be closing that wage gap so you're paid the same as anyone else with your experience.'ll be able to take that vacation or buy those shoes you've been wanting.

Know You're Worth It

You've got experience and skills that make you an ideal candidate. Own it by knowing your worth and asking for it in the negotiation process. This course will give you the confidence to go after it.

The Results

When the negotiation goes well, you get to live that best life. Think of it, you...on this beach...sipping a margarita...yeah. 'Cause you will be able to afford those sweet, sweet extras.

The Other Stuff

There's so much more on the table than just the money. Find out what other things you can ask for and negotiate.

Ready to Dive In?

Get ready to feel like you're rolling in cash! Start now to get this life-changing process you can use over and over to get that 6-figure lifestyle!

Meet Katie!


Katie is a graduate of Ohio State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Education and Human Ecology; Northeastern University, receiving a Master of Education in Higher Education Administration; and most recently, the University of Akron, where she earned a second master’s degree in curriculum and instruction.

She most enjoys one-on-one coaching sessions where she can individually advise students and individuals on career readiness.

Example Curriculum

  Get Ready to Make It Rain
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  Should I negotiate and what is negotiable?
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  Establish Your Baseline
Available in days
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  Defining Your Worth At Work
Available in days
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  Negotiation Foundations
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